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Over 3,900 Scientific Papers Were Published About Cannabis This Year

Image via Clinical researchers have published nearly 4,000 scientific articles about cannabis in just eleven months, breaking last year’s record of around 3,500 papers. According to a keyword search of the National Library of Medicine’s PubMed.gov website, peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals published 3,914 cannabis-related articles between January 1st and December 1st of this year. … Continued

Baked to Perfection: Cannabis-Infused Crab and Cornbread Dressing Recipe for Danksgiving

Photos and recipe courtesy of Daniella Davis Thanksgiving has its classic staples and traditions, but depending on where you live and who’s at the table, the traditions tend to vary. Whether it’s green bean casseroles, deep fried fowl, turduckens, or countless other niche specialties and regional favorites, the holiday options are endless. So when Chef … Continued

Veterans Demand Access to Medical Marijuana and Psychedelics Through the VA

Veterans service organizations (VSOs) are demanding that Congress revise its antiquated prohibition laws and allow veterans access to medicinal psychedelics and cannabis. In a recent joint hearing before the House and Senate Veterans Affairs Committees, three VSOs submitted written testimony in favor of allowing military veterans to access alternative treatments for PTSD and other common … Continued

Thailand Makes Moves to Become Asia's Medical Cannabis Tourism Hub

An official from Thailand’s public health ministry told reporters last week that the country will prioritize the industrial cultivation of cannabis with plans to become a regional, tourist-friendly hub for medical marijuana. “This will help drive medical marijuana in Thailand and will become another attraction for foreign tourists and investors to Thailand,” said the ministry’s … Continued

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