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If you’re looking for a shooting range in Las Vegas, take it to the next level with Machine Guns Vegas. It’s the only chance to fire the artillery used by SEAL and Delta Force teams. From the ultra modern machine guns you’ve seen in the movies and video games to historical handguns, this is a firsthand, sensory experience you don’t want to miss.

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Whether you’re a first-time shooter or fully experienced, there’s the perfect package for your budget and expectations. Choose from The Bonnie & Clyde, The Gamers Experience, The Urban Assault Special, The Seal Team 6 Experience and so many more indoor and outdoor opportunities. Pull the trigger on over 40 firearm options.

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Machine Gun Vegas isn’t a dimly lit, seedy gun range. Voted best shooting range in Las Vegas by The Las Vegas Review-Journal Poll, this is where you go to fire the AK-47, M4, Glock, UZI, Beretta and more in style. Buy marijuana near Machine Gun Vegas from Cultivate Las Vegas. We are the favorite choice for recreational and medicinal cannabis, located right in the heart of Chinatown and offering free parking, ATM, in-store and curbside pickup and same day delivery!

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