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Las Vegas Dispensary

Learn what makes Cultivate the fastest growing dispensary around.

Cultivate Dispensary Las Vegas is located in the heart of Chinatown, just miles off the infamous Las Vegas strip. Established in 2018, Cultivate has worked hard to become your favorite local dispensary by building our foundation around CANNABIS, COMMUNITY & CULTURE. Most importantly we are focused on YOU, our patients. Enjoy an unforgettable shopping experience with Cultivate Las Vegas. Our array of flower, economical prerolls, potent concentrates, therapeutic topicals, convenient tinctures and edibles galore are sure to tempt, impress and satisfy. Not sure what to choose? Our knowledgeable budtenders are happy to help. Let us make sure you’re totally comfortable and confident in your cannabis purchase.

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Cannabis Delivery in Las Vegas

Cultivate offers an exceptionally unique dispensary experience, from the quality of our products to our excellent service! Increasingly stringent quality control and service expectations are part of the recreational industry and upheld at Cultivate Las Vegas. We’ve brought together a dedicated staff, go above and beyond to ensure strenuous safety standards and offer exceptional customer care. From medicinal needs to pure enjoyment, we are where you find everything you’re looking or and more.


What They Said

Our customers return for a reason!

“I love this place, they are super helpful and knowledgeable. My wife has cancer and they have great products to help her through this process.”​

Cindal T


“Cultivate has the best specials and discounts for locals, veterans and hospitality/mmj industry personnel. Their menu is always changing and their products never disappoint. Hands down one of the best locations in town, you can see the strip from their door. – Four Stars – Simply Amazing”

Denise V


“I love this place, they are super helpful and knowledgeable. My wife has cancer and they have great products to help her through this process.”​

Trevor C


“The quality was top notch and the prices were very competitive and some stuff was even priced far better than any dispensary I’ve been to the entire 3 years I’ve lived here in Vegas.”

Derek S


“This spot is cool! Good vibes and good green!! Can’t loose with that combo! Peace & Blessingz”

Danny D


“This place is everything! I mean from the helpful staff to the amazing selections. I frequent this place often. Not to mention prices in store include tax”

Samantha K


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Best Quality & Deals

Founded in 2018, Cultivate Las Vegas has grown into everybody’s favorite medical and recreational cannabis dispensary in Las Vegas. We opened our doors with a mission to provide an exceptional experience for each and every customer. We’ve continued to build on a foundation of CANNABIS, COMMUNITY, and CULTURE, offering an innovative, secure, and rewarding opportunity to elevate health, wellness, and peace of mind.

Top-Quality Medicinal & Recreational Cannabis Dispensary

Cultivate Las Vegas is a short trip and conveniently accessible from anywhere across Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Spring Valley and Paradise, NV. We’re located just 1.5 miles from The Strip, right in the heart of Chinatown, and surrounded by numerous points of interest. Along with free parking and ATM on-site, we simplify and quicken purchases with online ordering, in-store pickup and curbside pickup. Place your order and we’ll bring it right to you the very same day. Browse our selection on-site or online and always feel free to ask questions, chat with our staff or give us a call at (702) 778-1173.

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Our staff is here to help you to the very best of our abilities. We know our products, look forward to learning about you, and are happy to guide you toward the ideal choices for your needs and preferences. Our extensive measures of quality control ensure a menu of carefully curated, well-maintained, and sought-after selection of flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, topicals, cartridges, paraphernalia, accessories, and more.Cultivate Las Vegas welcomes you to step inside and find a welcoming, accepting, and contemporary environment where you’ll feel at ease. Let us inspire your cannabis journey and pave the way for a better quality of life. We offer an understanding, compassionate approach to patient care and assist in every possible way.

As the cannabis plant becomes more widely accepted across the world, we at Cultivate Las Vegas remain at the forefront of progress. We champion the benefits of cannabis and support research into better understanding. From physical afflictions such as chronic pain or nausea to mental health concerns such as anxiety or depression, our clients share their success stories and reaffirm our commitment to the natural healing power of cannabis. We strive to ease their symptoms and improve their everyday enjoyment.

Providing All Your Cannabis Products in Las Vegas

Your preferred consumption method, favorite terpenes, and ideal potency are unique. Some people find their best solution by incorporating multiple types of products. Are you looking for something with immediate effects or a product with delayed onset or lasting effects? By listening, sharing knowledge, and concentrating on your specific needs, Cultivate Las Vegas helps you determine the right choices.

Cannabis Delivery in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Spring Valley and Paradise, NV

We’ve dedicated ourselves to our craft. We are true cannabis advocates. Whether you’re a longtime cannabis connoisseur or just discovering the rewards of this holistic remedy, you’ll find a wealth of information, options, and like-minded people at Cultivate Las Vegas. Visit us and benefit from our knowledgeable and friendly budtenders. We can steer you toward a quality product and fulfill your requirements and expectations to higher standards. For the familiar faces of locals as well as first-time visitors, we are your cannabis destination. Discover a whole new selection of outstanding products, flavors, amazing potency, and fulfillment!

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