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Cultivate Las Vegas offers the opportunity to maximize potential rewards. Our broad menu is the perfect sampling of consumption methods, terpenes and potency. Our friendly budtenders are knowledgeable in each and every product and look forward to assisting in your choices. Browse in-shop or online. Take the time to chat and ask questions or breeze through the process with in-store or curbside pickup. We also include same-day delivery across Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Spring Valley and Paradise, NV.


Smoking cannabis is the most iconic and popular consumption method. Effects are immediate and typically last for a couple of hours. Inhalation draws the active compounds of the flower into your lungs where they are absorbed into the bloodstream in a matter of seconds. This makes it easy to figure out dosage.


Cartridges allow you to vape flower. Rather than combusting the entire flower, the cannabis is heated to the point where the compounds in the trichomes vaporize. Because no plant matter is combusted, there’s far less aroma. Vaping oil provides instant effect and is considered a healthier choice.


The delayed effects of edibles makes patience important. It may take an hour for the cannabis to work through the digestive system and reach the bloodstream. Edibles also produce unique effects because of THC passing through the liver and getting metabolized into a different form. The experience tends to be intense and can last for 8 hours or more. Always start with a low dose.


A food-grade alcohol or oil infused with cannabis, a few drops of a tincture are placed under the tongue, held for a few minutes and absorbed through membranes in the mouth. Effects are felt within 15 minutes. You can also ingest them like an edible. Tinctures offer the combination of quick and extended relief and are incredibly discreet.


Providing spot-specific relief, topicals are designed to be placed on the skin and avoid the introduction of cannabis compounds into the bloodstream. There are also transdermal topicals, such as patches, that absorb into the bloodstream through the skin.


Rosin, crumble, budder, shatter, sauce, and hash are just some of the different types of concentrates. Vaporizing or dabbing cannabis concentrates typically requires a rig designed from reinforced glass. A nail is heated to extremely high temperatures. The cannabis is placed on the nail, turned into vapor and inhaled by way of a mouthpiece. Concentrates tend to offer a high level of cannabinoids and potency.

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