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Pursuant to NCCR.7.025, the purchase and consumption of cannabis in Las Vegas, Nevada is legal for adults who are 21+. If you are under 21, you must hold a valid medical card or medical recommendation letter.

Pursuant to NCCR.7.020, every consumer interested in purchasing cannabis at a Nevada Dispensary must provide a VALID Government Issued Photo ID. If your identification is expired, all consumers must be able to present a Letter of Renewal from their ID’s issuing state.

Pursuant to NCCR 7.025, recreational or medicinal consumers may purchase up to 1 ounce (28 grams) of usable cannabis OR the equivalent to 3.5 grams of concentrated cannabis, not to exceed 3500mg of THC.

Pursuant to NCCR 6.010, recreational consumers may possess up to 1 ounce or 28 grams of usable cannabis OR the equivalent to 3.5 grams of concentrated cannabis, not to exceed 3500mg of THC.

Pursuant to NCCR 6.010, a medical patient may possess 2 1/2 ounces (70 grams) of usable cannabis OR the equivalent to 10,000mg of THC in concentrated cannabis.

A cannabis consumer must use their product within a private residence.

Pursuant to NCCR.12.050, Ingestion of any amount of cannabis or cannabis products before driving may result in a criminal prosecution for driving under the influence.

Pursuant to NCCR.7.025, Nevada accepts most unexpired forms medical cards and letters of recommendations

Pursuant to NCCR.6.120, Transportation of cannabis or cannabis products across state lines is prohibited.

Cannabis and cannabis products must be kept out of the reach of children. Cannabis and cannabis products can cause severe illness in children. Allowing children to ingest cannabis or cannabis products or storing cannabis or
cannabis products in a location which is accessible to children may result in an investigation by an agency which provides child welfare services or criminal prosecution.
HOURS OR MORE AND USERS OF CANNABIS PRODUCTS SHOULD INITIALLY INGEST A SMALL AMOUNT OF THE PRODUCT CONTAINING NO MORE THAN 10 MILLIGRAMS OF THC, THEN WAIT AT LEAST 2 HOURS BEFORE INGESTING ANY ADDITIONAL AMOUNT OF CANNABIS.” Cannabis or cannabis products may have intoxicating effects and may be habit forming. Smoking is hazardous to your health. Ingesting cannabis or cannabis products with alcohol or other drugs, including prescription medication, may result in unpredictable levels of impairment and a person should consult with a physician before doing so. There may be mental or physical health risks associated with consumption of cannabis
or cannabis products, including but not limited to cardiovascular problems, psychosis, or exacerbation of anxiety and/or depression. People with health concerns should consult with a physician before ingesting cannabis. WARNING: Pregnant or breastfeeding people should not use cannabis or cannabis products. Using cannabis during pregnancy or while breastfeeding may be harmful to your
baby’s development. Cannabis or cannabis products can impair concentration, coordination and judgment. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of cannabis or cannabis
products. Ingestion of any amount of cannabis or cannabis products before driving may result
in criminal prosecution for driving under the influence. Overconsumption of cannabis or cannabis products may cause negative health effects
such as nausea, vomiting, anxiety, agitation, paranoia, and psychosis. Individuals with symptoms of overconsumption should seek immediate medical attention.


ALL FLOWER CANNABIS SALES ARE FINAL. For consumable cannabis products such as Concentrates, Edibles, Pre-Rolls, Tinctures, Topicals, and CBD products, the Customer/Patient is REQUIRED to provide all original sales receipts and original packaging in order to accept a return or exchange. Consumable Cannabis & CBD products may be exchanged within 72 hours of the purchase date. The product must meet one of the minimum requirements below:
The product is unused, unopened, and in its original packaging. If the product is opened: The customer/patient must demonstrate there is mold or debris in the product. Note: All cannabis products are lab tested, and test results should be reviewed with customers if a claim is made. If the cartridge or disposable vape is defective; cartridge or disposable must contain more than 50% of the product to be eligible for an exchange. Note: BAD TASTE or UNDESIRABLE high are not eligible reasons for exchange. Paraphernalia may be returned or exchanged if unused, in the original packaging, and within 72 hours of the purchase date. Devices must have been used for the correct type of product.

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