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The Difference Between THC and CBD

There are over 100 phytocannabinoids, including the two most well-known: THC and CBD.

  • THC is most often associated with its psychoactive effects. It offers a lengthy list of health properties such as reducing inflammation. managing pain, easing nausea and vomiting and stimulating appetite. It is frequently used to reduce muscle spasms, treat glaucoma, assist with sleep and protect the nervous system. Its effect on the nervous system makes THC a valuable tool in the treatment of autism, ADHD and post-stroke symptoms.
  • CBD has steadily increased in popularity in the medical cannabis environment. It avoids the psychoactive effects of THC and has shown effectiveness against cancer and epilepsy. It is used to combat seizures, fight the growth of tumor and cancer cells and as an anxiety treatment. From pain reduction and anti-inflammatory properties to easing muscle spasms and managing dementia, CBD continues to elevate health and wellness.

CBD offsets undesirable effects of THC while enhancing the nausea-reducing, pain-relieving and anti-cancer effects. In conclusion, medicine containing both THC and CBD provides the best of everything.

Get trusted cannabis products from Cultivate Las Vegas!

At Cultivate Las Vegas, we understand the need to customize cannabinoid therapy to specific conditions and symptoms. Your treatment is personal. You require different medicine composition and have unique preferences and expectations. There may be some trial and error involved with determining your ideal consumption method and dosage. 

We are here to help you get started and find your best medicine. Our budtenders are knowledgeable in our quality selection. Cultivate Las Vegas encourages you to browse our menu and ask questions. With a focus on each specific customer, we’ve established ourselves as the premier medicinal and recreational cannabis dispensary across Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Spring Valley and Paradise, NV.

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