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“The entire Cultivate experience is about the consumer and providing the most enjoyable experience possible for any cannabis enthusiast.”

The closest Dispensary to the Strip with the best-selling brands in Las Vegas, Cultivate is here, and it’s changing the culture of Las Vegas.

The cannabis community culture in Las Vegas is rapidly growing and Cultivate sits at the heart of the movement. Located just outside of the Las Vegas Strip and right before China town, Cultivate has made purchasing cannabis more convenient than ever before.

The entire Cultivate experience is about the consumer and providing the most enjoyable experience possible for any cannabis enthusiast. It is all about getting the consumer what they want and doing whatever it takes to best possibly fulfill their cannabis needs.

How they do it is by keeping up with the latest advancements and trends in the cannabis market. Working with best-selling brands such as Rove,  Nature’s Chemistry, Black Hat and Evergreen Organix edibles, Cultivate has grown into the premier dispensary for all cannabis needs. Cultivate carries top tier strains for all, whether you’re an Indica person, a sativa person, or a hybrid. You will find what you are looking for at Cultivate. They have a top tier hybrid strain in “Wedding Cake” or the classic sativa dominant Tangie. These are just a few examples of the many different strains that Cultivate carries. They also have a massive selection that can be viewed at their online store, http://cultivatelv.com/menu/.

For tourists staying on the Strip, there isn’t a better dispensary to visit. Located off of Spring Mountain, Cultivate is just a streetlight from the strip. It is also a light away from China town which sports a variety of delicious late-night restaurants. Cultivate is open 24/7, so what better way to spend a night then stopping in and getting some of the best cannabis in town and then enjoying some good food. Cultivates location makes it easy to grab whatever you need and head back to the Strip to continue the party. You will not find a dispensary with a more convenient location that Cultivate.

Cultivate has already been endorsed by huge names such as musical artist and world-renowned cannabis user Curren$y. They also sport
 4.9 rating on Google and a 5-star rating on Leafly to just give an idea of the standards set by Cultivate.

 What sets Cultivate apart is that they aren’t trying to fool consumers into buying a product. All the prices are flat rates with the taxes included in the purchase which makes it easy for consumers who aren’t familiar with dispensary taxes.

Cultivate is an innovator in shaping the culture of Las Vegas and the future of cannabis.

To keep up with Cultivate and new upcoming events follow the Instagram @cultivatelv_


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