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Las Vegas and Cannabis go together like Vegas and gambling. If you are visiting Vegas there are plenty of things that are must see. Number one is engulfing yourself into the cannabis market. The local dispensaries in Las Vegas are some of the best in the world and add to the uniqueness of an already one of a kind city.

Chances are if you are one of the 45 million people who visit Las Vegas annually you are going to either be staying on the strip or at least dropping by for a visit. The unfortunate thing is that despite cannabis being legal in the city, the Strip does not possess any dispensaries on it.

Well, fortunately, there is a new dispensary that is so close to the Strip that you can practically cross the street and be right back at the party without missing a thing. Located at 3615 Spring Mountain Rd, Cultivate is the nearest dispensary to the Strip.

Cannabis is such a growing part of the Vegas experience. Las Vegas is a city already known for its extravagant nightlife and cannabis has made its way to the allure of Vegas. Getting cannabis has never been easier and located merely blocks away from the Fashion Show Mall, Cultivate is where you want to be purchasing your cannabis products. Being open 24 hours and being the closest dispensary to the Strip makes Cultivate the premier for your cannabis needs. With the bright lights of Vegas illuminating the city sky just up the road, Cultivate allows users to find the perfect blend of cannabis at any time of the night with a fair price. Cultivate prepares you for the pre-game, the function, the after-party, and the come-down.

As for the party, Vegas offers numerous things to do for anybody looking to have a good time. It all starts with the Strip. The Las Vegas Strip is the hub for entertainment in Las Vegas. Just pass the Las Vegas sign, and you will be crossing the threshold into some of the highest quality entertainment in the world. Las Vegas is known as the nightlife capital for a reason. Clubs such as Jewel, Hakkasan, Drais, Marquee, Tao, 1 OAK and XS are must-see locations for anyone looking to go clubbing in Vegas.

As far as restaurants, Vegas has world famous buffets and high-quality dining that can be found on and off of the Strip. Cannabis and food also go hand in hand, so I recommend dropping by Cultivate and grabbing all your essentials to make your dining experience that much more memorable.

Las Vegas is one of the fastest growing cities in America. It is growing in popularity, and the additions of professional sports and the legalization of cannabis has made the once “tourist city” into a full-fledged metropolis. Whenever you decide to come to town make sure you drop by Cultivate to check out the latest and most up to date inventory in the cannabis market.