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Cultivate dispensary is bridging the gap between tourists and locals, new cannabis users and old cannabis users, and young people and old people. Cannabis Community Culture is the motto and everything that Cultivate stands for follows that framework.

“Our bud tenders are trained to be personable, to be friendly but also to be considerate of the patient and make sure that we can get the customers whatever they need to help them,” said Ransom Vigil (Cultivate Front House Manager.)

The customer experience when buying cannabis from Cultivate is significant to the staff. When you walk into Cultivate, the venue is upscale, neat and well organized. This appearance is not by accident, the upkeep of the dispensary and the friendly welcoming atmosphere is all a part of the customer service experience and making sure that they feel comfortable purchasing cannabis.

Cannabis. Community. Culture. it is the lifeblood of what we are about, our goal is to be as open with the customer as possible so that they don’t feel surprised or uncomfortable.” Said Matt McClure Cultivate (General Manager.)

“The cannabis industry is changing every day so it is important that we are staying on top of that to not only make sure that customers are getting not just the best products but that we are giving them accurate information. From new strains to being up to date with the laws, we want to be able to answer any question that someone would have” McClure said.

This approach is handy due to the high diversity of customers the dispensary sees due to its location. “Being this close to the strip you see people of so many different backgrounds, hear so many stories, and they all are looking for something different. I have heard so many interesting stories, and for a lot of people, this is their first experience with cannabis this extensively” said, Vigil.

Being the closest dispensary to the strip is something that makes Cultivate unique, but they are also adamant that locals remain a priority.


“Our focus is definitely on building the cannabis community here in Nevada. Ultimately I think it adds to the uniqueness of Las Vegas.” McClure said.

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