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To fully enjoy a stay at the Luxor Hotel & Casino, make a quick trip to Cultivate Las Vegas, your nearby dispensary. We provide exceptional quality recreational and medicinal cannabis with the convenience of free parking and on-site ATM. As locals, we’re knowledgeable in both our array of products and the ins and out of Vegas. For first-timers who are curious or seasoned users who are looking for specific strains, we’re the perfect choice.

Cultivate Las Vegas welcomes you to browse, spend some time and let us help you make educated choices. If you have time-constraints, we invite you to shop online. Our menu of incredible terpenses and versatility of delivery methods are available for in-store pickup, curbside pickup and same-day delivery. The process is super easy, quick and beneficial. You can even take advantage of our daily deals by clicking on this link. https://cultivatelv.com/deals/

Weed Dispensary near The Luxor Hotel & Casino

What are you looking for? Vibrant color, amazing flavors or high THC content? Are you shopping for indicas, hybrids or sativas? Do you have questions or are hoping for some recommendations? Cultivate Las Vegas is excited to share the many rewards of cannabis. From energizing effects to relaxation, alleviating pain or insomnia, we cater to your specific expectations. We are the favorite option for guests at the Luxor Hotel & Casino.

Weed for Sale, Cannabis Dispensary & Weed Store in Las Vegas, NV

Weed Dispensary in Las Vegas, NV | Weed Store

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