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Cultivate Las Vegas Dispensary 12 Daze of Christmas Deals! Valid During Assigned Dates (12/22-12/25) Only | 8AM-3AM | While Supplies Last!



– $5 Off All Concentrates


– Live Resin Concentrates (.5g) for $42 OTD ($35.48 Pre-Tax)




– Cartridges (.5g) for $25 OTD ($21.12 Pre-Tax)


– Mix & Match Pre-Rolls (3g) for $36 OTD ($30.41 Pre-Tax)




– $25 OTD 1/8ths! ($21.12 Pre-Tax) 


– $5 Off Pre-Roll Packs


– Gummies 3 for $40 OTD


– Infused Pre-Rolls 3 for $44 OTD ($37.17 Pre-Tax)


– Buy any 2 products, Get a Mini-Pack for 1¢




– Infused Pre-Rolls 3 for $44 OTD ($37.17 Pre-Tax)


– Buy Any 2 Products, Get 2 Chillums for 1¢


– $25 OTD 1/8ths! ($21.12 Pre-Tax) 


– 2 Go-Kits for $42 OTD ($35.48 Pre-Tax)


| Valid During Assigned Dates (12/22/21) – (12/25/21) Only, while supplies last | All BOGO purchases require 1¢ at checkout. | All deals include tax | Keep out of reach of children. For use only by adults 21 years of age or older. |  Open 8AM to 3AM | Visit cultivatelv.com for more information |

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