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Oct 26, 2020
Cultivate Dispensary Las Vegas Jay-Z Just Announced That He's Launching a Weed Brand with Caliva.
“The hip-hop legend and blazing entrepreneur is lighting up a new project called “Monogram,” a signature line of weed products that will be available in dispensaries throughout California.”
Jay-Z may have 99 problems, but weed isn’t one of ‘em — thanks to his new product line called Monogram.Last Friday, the Brooklyn-based billionaire and multimedia mogul announced Monogram, his signature cannabis line that he’s spent a year developing with California weed firm Caliva. In July 2019, Jay-Z partnered with Caliva as the company’s chief brand strategist.“Monogram marks a new chapter in cannabis defined by dignity, care and consistency,” the company’s official website states. “It is a collective effort to bring you the best, and a humble pursuit to discover what the best truly means.”The site itself offers enticing shots of weed in its various stages, accompanied by appropriately flowery descriptions of what Monogram will be bringing to the weed sphere.“From soil to seed,” the site proclaims, “the expert growers at Monogram leverage a lifetime of cultivation experience to ensure our flower is treated with the respect it deserves through every stage of the grow process. Precise control and constant monitoring allow our flower to reach its full potential as a superior smoke.”

Another entry declares that Monogram’s flower is grown in small batches so every plant can receive personalized attention from their expert growers. “Our batch-by-batch approach and unique potency designation allows us to highlight the nuances in between harvests and tell you the story of every flower.”

Finally, the site reads, “Monogram has assembled a board of cannabis experts who grade and select every flower by hand. These luminaries have developed a program of extended humidity control, post-harvest care, trimming, and flushing that guarantees our finished product is the best it can be.”

What the Monogram site does not spell out is when tokers can expect products to be on shelves or where you’ll be able to purchase them. But it’s Jay-Z — you know he’s going to deliver.

Additionally, Monogram also launched official FacebookInstagram, and Twitter pages, as well as a Tidal playlist assembled by Jay-Z called “Monogram: Sounds from the Grow Room.”

The roster of artists on the playlist includes Bob MarleyCypress HillRihannaDr. DrePeter Tosh, Amy Winehouse, Bob Dylan, and the Beatles. Ain’t nothing wrong with getting stoned and jamming the fuck out to what HOV wants you to listen to.

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