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When internationally acclaimed artist Shepard Fairey got together with the folks at Charlotte’s Web, the most well-known brand in the CBD industry, you knew something good was going to come out of the collaboration.

The design is beautiful. The scope of the project takes your breath away.

But we had no idea it was going to be this good.

Late last year, Fairey, who’s best known for his iconic 2008 Obama “HOPE” poster, collaborated on Charlotte’s Web’s Trust the Earth campaign, through Fairey’s creative agency Studio Number One. They decided to craft a visual statement using a wheat field in the farm town of McPherson, Kansas.

The design itself is beautiful. But then you pull back and get a sense of the scale, in the photo below, and the scope of the project takes your breath away.

That’s a house in the upper left corner

Grown and mown by a Kansas farmer

Studio Number One and Fairey’s original art was grown and mown on 3,049,200 square feet of farmland. The installation required one farmer mowing for one week using GPS to guide the process. The final field art, installed by Precision Mazes, is so large that it required a local farmer’s plane to achieve enough height to photograph the entire Trust The Earth field art installation.

The image is so big it required an airplane to photograph the entire Trust The Earth field art installation.

“This art is the visual and naturally living embodiment of Charlotte’s Web’s mission to unleash the healing powers of botanicals,” said Deanie Elsner, CEO for Charlotte’s Web. “And, we hope this inspires many to join us in fighting for sound federal and state regulations.”

“A farmer’s field is a place to cultivate life-changing ideas and grow a voice for those still seeking hemp-based wellness. Through this powerful artwork, we experience a coalition between earth and humanity, and our journey to create sustainable, natural wellness. In the case of hemp, revolutionary wellness. Our purpose is to ignite conversations that open access to hemp in all states that have yet to provide this choice,” said Jared Stanley, Chief Cultivation Officer and a co-founder of Charlotte’s Web.


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