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Sep 6, 2019

Marshawn Lynch spent his entire college football and NFL career going by the nickname Beast Mode. With unmatched power and never ending energy, Lynch ran over defensive linemen, linebackers, safeties, and anyone else in his way. But in retirement, Beast Mode is taking a back seat to chilling, and for that, Lynch credits cannabis.

In a new interview with the Toronto Sun, Lynch said that a daily dose of weed has helped curb lingering aches and pains from years of brutal physical play. Asked what he would change if he was given the reigns to the NFL, Lynch said that his first move would be to end the league’s marijuana ban. 

“If you’re named commissioner tomorrow, what’s the first thing you do?” Sun reporter John Kryk asked Lynch. “Legalizing dodi in the league. Yup,” Lynch replied. 

For those of you not quite fluent in Oakland, California slang, dodi is weed. And even with current league officials slow to act on promises of cannabis research and policy reform, Lynch says that his own post-retirement experimentation has been a life changer.

“It’s a tricky league. I would like to see [cannabis allowed],” Lynch said. “Just now, with being retired. The aches and pains that I’d be feeling before, a little do’, man. I get up, go work out, and you know, partake, do my thing and shit — and I’m cool.” 

Despite similar cannabis advocacy stories from a slew of other retired NFL stars and internal promises to research CBD and THC, league officials have yet to make any significant changes to pro football’s draconian drug policy

Article by Zach Harris via https://merryjane.com/news/marshawn-lynch-says-he-would-let-nfl-players-smoke-weed-if-he-were-commissioner


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